Not Lonely Anymore

The lyrics for "Postcard" are based on the idea of a long-term relationship ending, for no good reason. This song really tells a story and conveys the emotion of heartbreak and loneliness. Download the lead sheet here:

"Voices” is about when your mind is thinking about so many different things at once, and you feel like there’s so much information racing in your mind, it feels like you’re going crazy. The lyrics mention how there are so many voices in your head, that you just want to find a way to escape. Download the lead sheet here:

I wrote "Not Lonely Anymore" in a state of mind where I was sick of writing so many sad songs, and I just wanted to write something really happy, with a catchy, pop, feel to it. So, this song is about when you have felt lonely for a long time, and then you meet that special person who just makes you feel like you’ll never be alone again. Download the lead sheet here:

Voices - Jaime Willson
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Postcard - Jaime Willson
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Not Lonely Anymore - Jaime Willson
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